Dull to Dazzling

From dull to dazzling in 8 weeks

  • Do you struggle to distill your key messages?
  • Are you a professional with purpose who wants to get your ideas and opinions heard by a wider audience?
  • Does the thought of presenting in public fill you with dread?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then The4Ds (The Four Dimensions of a Powerful Presentation) system is for you!

Brainbank present’s founder, Lynda Russell-Whitaker, specialises in coaching and advising business leaders who work in design and technology to refine and communicate their messages powerfully to their chosen audience.

Here are some of the outcomes you will achieve using her simple-to-follow 4-step process:-

  • Specific techniques to conquer your fear of speaking in public
  • The tools needed to create and communicate your mission, vision or objective with clarity
  • The competence and confidence to present your ideas powerfully to others

Lynda will coach you in The4Ds methodologyYou will then be able to apply this to all aspects of your public speaking.

In brief, the elements are:-

Define – your mission, values, passion and objectives 

Distill – your message into a maximum of 3 key points

Develop – your structure and content; the argumentation and call to action

Deliver  your voice, gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, congruence all play a part

By devoting the time and following this simple 4-step programme, your clients and colleagues will see a remarkable transformation in your presentation style and content in as little as eight weeks.  You will be communicating your messages with clarity, simplicity and passion!

To learn more about how The 4Ds can elevate your public speaking, and for a chance to work with Lynda privately one-to-one or become a founder member of brainbank. presents’ exclusive Membership Programme, why not get in touch now to book a no-obligation telephone consultation?

About Me

My name is Lynda Russell-Whitaker. As brainbank.presents’ founder, I have over 25 years’ experience in the area of communications, training and advising. We will collaborate to create a presentation that inspires and engages your audience and makes you feel proud.

Using The Four Dimensions of a Powerful Presentation (The 4Ds), we will define the objective of your talk; distill clear and pertinent messages, and develop a compelling and persuasive argument.

We can then work on all the aspects of delivery that come into play to present powerfully to your audience, so that your purpose and call to action are clearly and confidently communicated.

My advisory and training work started in the late 90s, as an online consultant to clients such as Waitrose.com and Orange Telecom. In 2000, I was one of two industry experts on the Validation Panel for the University of Westminster’s revised MA in Hypermedia Studies. A visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art (RCA) I was also a member of the original expert working group for the first pan-European MA in Interactive Media in the early to mid ’90s.

Some of the clients I’ve worked with over the past twenty years include Channel 4 Automotive, Chase Manhattan Bank, The Coca-Cola Company, DisfrutaHavana, Eleco plc, EMAP, Forma Digital, Finish Creative, GSK, KPMG, Message Digital, Orange Telecom, Polygram, Waitrose, Wired Sussex and VisionMix.

Based in London, I’ve been a licensed Business Practitioner of NLP™ since 2008 and am a certified facilitator of Tracom’s ‘Social Styles’; an excellent, simple-to-understand tool for building awareness and understanding among team members. With a highly collaborative, coaching style, I will partner with you to overcome any nerves you might have about public speaking and build your competence and confidence in front of an audience.

I hold a certificate in ‘Professional Coaching Skills’, gained with Coaching Development, and I am a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) working towards my ACC accreditation.

A Fellow of charitable foundation the Royal Society of Arts and Manufacture (RSA) since 2004, I sat on the southeast division committee in 2008 and was one of the RSA’s early Digital Champions. I am a member of the recently-formed RSA Coaching Network.

In the past five years I have volunteered for two charities, demonstrating to children the critical skills of how to structure and deliver a compelling pitch. I also facilitated classroom training and e-learning for two IT systems at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

A British national and proud Londoner, I learnt to speak, read and write Greek to a proficient level while living in Greece from 2002 to 2005, continuing my studies at The Hellenic Centre, London. My Spanish is intermediate level and I have a good working knowledge of French.

A major passion of mine is music. I trained as a singer and this year have taught myself jazz piano (I learnt to play classically as a child). Listening to jazz is also one my great pleasures and I’ve been a member of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London for several years.