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From dull to dazzling in 8 weeks!

  • are you passionate about your ideas and opinions being heard by a wider audience?
  • are you struggling to distill your key messages?
  • does the thought of presenting in public fill you with dread?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, this programme is for you!

Lynda Russell-Whitaker specialises in coaching leaders across a variety of sectors to refine and communicate their messages powerfully to their chosen audience. The simple-to-follow 4-step process she guides you through in The Four Dimensions of a Powerful Presentation will give you:-

  • the tools needed to communicate your mission, vision or objective with clarity
  • specific techniques to conquer your fear of speaking in public
  • the competence and confidence to present your ideas powerfully to others

Lynda will coach you in the methodology of The Four Dimensions of a Powerful Presentation. You will then be able to apply this to all aspects of your public speaking.

In brief, The 4Ds are:-

Define – your mission, values, passion and objectives 

Distill – your message into a maximum of 3 key points

Develop – Structure & Content

Deliver  your voice, gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, congruence all play a part

By following this simple 4-step programme over an 8 week period you, your clients and colleagues will see a remarkable transformation in your presentation style and content.  You will be communicating your messages with clarity, simplicity and passion!

To learn more about how The 4Ds can elevate your public speaking, and for a chance to join brainbank present’s exclusive Membership Programme, why not get in touch now to book a no-obligation telephone consultation?