A few words from my clients…

“Lynda’s coaching is exceptionally useful for confidence-building and improving the style and technique of delivering formal presentations, whether for business or creative leadership purposes. My communication skills were greatly enhanced by her unique training.

Lynda works holistically with the client’s personality in relation to their professional demands and my experience of working with her was a great pleasure.” Lucia, Senior Lecturer Department of Media and Film, University of Winchester

“Lynda creates trust and intimacy with an active and powerful listening. She asks the right questions at the right time.

She helped raise my awareness, so that I became clear about what I wanted to work on and design the best actions for myself.

After each session, my self-confidence grew dramatically.  She taught me how to anchor powerful feelings of confidence in my body when I felt them at their strongest, enabling me to retrieve them when I need them the most.

Since completing our series of sessions, I finally feel grounded and I am more confident in myself than I have ever been before.

I highly recommend Lynda if you are looking for a coach who will support you in achieving your goals, whatever they might be.” Eva, Author and Sales Advisor

“When Lynda told me she could turn a good presenter into a great presenter, I wanted to know more. I had to build a new presentation for a larger audience than I was used to and was feeling a little apprehensive, so I asked Lynda to help.

Immediately I felt comfortable working with her. She really helped shape the content, timing and delivery of the presentation. We spent a lot of time rehearsing and crafting until we had it just right. It was throughly worthwhile; on the day, I felt 100% confident and I delivered the best presentation of my life.  Of course I’ll take those learnings forward and will be asking Lynda to come back and train my up-and-coming client service executives too. Thank you so much Lynda!  Lee, Co-founder and MD of Finish Creative

“Although I am an experienced public speaker I was curious to see how someone else could support me in preparing for a presentation; I chose to work on a talk I felt a bit ‘stuck’ on.

I found that Lynda helped me organise my thoughts much faster than I would on my own. She also helped me to see the full value of what I had to offer and how to structure it so that my message really hit home.  I left the session feeling that my presentation ideas had not only been formed and honed in a short time, but had been given a very thorough test run, which boosted my confidence enormously for a particularly challenging public address. I got great feedback from the live audience too!

Lynda is a joy to work with: she’s smart, engaging, honest and supportive. She’s also a very quick, creative thinker, able to make useful intellectual and practical suggestions. She is clearly an expert and it’s a pleasure to recommend her.”  Mel, Arts Marketing Consultant

“When I stood up everyone went really quiet and my opening lines worked so well – they engaged everyone straightaway. Because I was well-prepared it made it much easier and everyone was so supportive and responded well, which gave me great encouragement. 

At the end I got a great round of applause! My daughter, Becky, was thrilled that I did it so well and her husband Byron said he was very impressed. Afterwards, so many people (some I knew and others I didn’t) came up and complimented me on a great speech and they said I seemed really relaxed and that the speech was well-paced, touching and professional.

I know that without your help in preparing for the speech I might have chickened out. It certainly wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good. So thank you very much for your input. It made a huge difference to the day and hopefully will give me confidence if I need to do anything similar in the future.” Gary, Owner of Prince Designs (and Father of the Bride!)