Podcasting, the voice and you


When YouTube burst on the scene with its shiny, bright videos on all manner of topics it suffered a slump. But the latest figures from Rajar (Radio Joint Audience Research) indicate that 6m of us in the UK listen to a podcast each week. A major leap from 3.8m in 2016. The most compelling recent … Read morePodcasting, the voice and you

Listening, versatility and a kinder leadership


With Christmas and Epiphany (aka The Festival of the Kings) just behind us and millions of people continuing to celebrate the birth of a religious leader more than two thousand years ago, my thoughts turn to what for me are the essential characteristics of a great leader in the 21st Century. Many people in the … Read moreListening, versatility and a kinder leadership

Form your questions (and outcomes) well


As mentioned in my article on active listening, questions and listening are inextricably linked.  Exploratory questions tend to be open because they are more likely to encourage detailed answers and provide you with the information you need to uncover from your client. Given that the primary focus of this article is questioning, a good starting … Read moreForm your questions (and outcomes) well